5 DIY book page inspirations

Book page crafts are all the rage these days, probably mainly to the fact that people are on their iPads
reading a e-book rather than searching the stacks at their local library.  Here’s a way to take books off
the shelf and into your décor.  And the cool thing is that you can make these projects for just a few bucks!

I’m quite smitten with the look of this lantern from The 3 R’s Blog! The circular cutouts
create a ruffled appearance that is simply beautiful!

Create mini trees with DomestiFluff.  This would make for an adorable
or Halloween mantle display idea too!

 The J Pall Trades blog found these bold rosettes in an article of Do it Yourself magazine from Better Homes and Gardens.
Love how the painted colors give the book pages new life!

The Ruffled Blog featured this DIY love notes pinata using old sheet music!
What an adorable and sentimental idea!

And finally, this wreath Under the Table and Dreaming’s Stephanie Lynn is so elegant and upscale.
Admittedly, I cringe at the thought of how long it would take to make this DIY!  The payoff is amazing though!


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