FontCrafts Exclusive: Fancy Font Vase

fancy font vase 1

Wanna create a conversation piece on the fly? For your next dinner party or outdoor festivity, display your pretty flowers in a Fancy Font Vase!

All you have to do is buy a medium-sized square vase and shiny red Thickers (by American Crafts). I picked up both my vase and stickers at Michaels. You simply adhere the stickers in a jumbly formation. I made sure not to spell out any words, I just wanted it to look random with no rhyme or reason for their placement. If you want a more permanent bond, I suggest some Glass and Bead glue so that the letters don’t snap off.

I think it turned out pretty striking and the arrangement I made looked really pretty juxtapositioned with the typography. Here’s some more pretty photos of the vase. I love how it turned out!

fancy font vase 2

fancy font vase 3

fancy font vase 4

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