Typography nails: 13 ways to get the look!

I’m not a nail art fanatic, but I appreciate a good manicure when I see one!  I thought it would be fun to find some examples of nail art using fonts! I think I found some pretty stellar examples that you’ll fall in love with and get a kick out of too!

The ultimate in typographic nails has to be this Helvetica set by the Daily Nail. I’m assuming the Comic Sans version on her other hand didn’t turn out as well. LOL.

For the gal who loves to read, make newspaper nails with Love is the Thing with Wings!

Make mod LOVE nails with Milan and Vanaily!

These nails from Tornado Calli are anything but comical! So Roy Lichtenstein. LOVE!

This set is letter heavy! “Love”ing the pop of red. I love black, white, and red together.  Watch the video tutorial at Makeup Videos 4 U.

Harry Potter fans will love casting spells with these fun nails via the Daily Glean!

This chalkboard set from Concrete and Nail Polishgets an A+ in my gradebook!

Social Media Nail Art
Show some love for your favorite social media sites with these nails by Nailasaurus.
omnails: Glee nail art - part 2 | I can’t wait another minute for season 3! Hope my nail art can show you guys how much I love Glee :) 09/20, I keep waiting! xoxo part 1 - cheerios
If you’re a Glee fan, you’ll love this set from Victoria C7.  They are so perfect. She has a fine eye for detail!

These script nails by Sally Hansen are so elegant.  Via We Heart This.

soda cans! requested by kendra and kelsey. and shout out to jill and megan, the fanta (not fawn-ta) nail is dedicated to you both! message me for colors used :)
Turn your nails into soda cans with The Nail Pro!

luxebytracylee: Haute Nails of the Moment:  Loose Leaf Doodle Nails These fun nails, instantly drew me in!   These doodle like designs are definitely something you would have found in my High School Loose Leaf Note Book! DIY: 1- Paint Nails White - Luxe Loves: Orly’s ‘White Out’  www.orlybeauty.com 2- Using a striper brush (or non toxic, felt tip marker) use blue paint to draw 1 line vertically on the side of the nail,  I would also add a red vertical line next to the 1 blue vertical.  The draw horizontal lines evenly spaced down the body of the nail 3- Using a small striper brush, (or non toxic felt tip marker) draw your doodles with black paint 4- When dry, seal with Top Coat - Luxe Loves: Lumos Top Coat www.famousnamesproducts.com Now, think back to the  good ‘ole days of doodles in notebooks ! aaaaaaahhh xoxo  TracyLee So creative. Thanks for the step-by-step breakdown
Go old school and make notebook nails like All Laquered Updid!  I heart doodles!

If you’re a fan of Napoleon Dynomite, you’ll love these fun movie theme nails by Nailasaurus. So funny!Which of these pair is your favorite?


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