FontCrafts Exclusive: Fabric Spray Paint Number Tank

Here’s a fun and super easy fashion DIY project that only takes a few minutes to make and is unique as you are!  It simply only takes a few things to get the look!  Here’s how!

What you need:

– White 100% Cotton Tank Top
Tulip Fabric Spray paints in various colors (I chose purple, pink, and red)
– plastic numbers available at the dollar store or craft store (I got mine at Michaels)
– plastic tablecloth or trashbag

What you do:

Before you begin, lay your plastic down to protect your work surface.

1. Lay out letters randomly onto your shirt.

2. Use Tulip Fabric Spray to randomly spray over numbers. I let it drip in some areas and overlap colors.

3. Remove letters. Flip over or get a new sheet of plastic wrap and lay the front facing down. Lay down letters again on back and spray.

Let dry for 72 hours. Wash and dry separately.


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