On FontCrafts, you’ll find the coolest and hippest type projects from the web covering everything from wall art to decorating ideas to printables!  There’s much than craft projects here on FontCrafts! You’ll find lots of inspiration via photographs, quote art, how-to articles and fab finds you can buy or be inspired by!

FontCrafts is the brainchild of Alexa Westerfield a.k.a. Swelldesigner! By day Alexa works at iLoveToCreate, a Duncan Enterprises company as a graphic designer and social media specialist. By night, Alexa loves to craft, blog at The Swell Life,  scope out new trends in stores and online, and dabble in all things pop culture! Alexa combined her love of everything graphic design, type, and trend together to create FontCrafts and share with you her passion!

A few fun facts about Alexa
• Her first graphic design projects were banners and flyers created on PrintShop in the early 90′s!
• Alexa sold personalized bubble letter bookmarks to her classmates in 3rd grade.
• She grew up making hairbows (shoelaces and balloons, of course!), friendship bracelets, and paper snowflakes!  She even dabbled in painting a bit (with help from Bob Ross).
• These days, Alexa creates lots of photo crafts, jewelry, printables and of course FontCrafts!
• In addition to fonts, Alexa is equally obsessed with Halloween!  Her Halloween projects are funky, fun, and a little spooky!  Last year, her Snooki pumpkin went viral and even made it all the way to Perez Hilton!  Snooki herself even tweeted about it!
• This is the first time in over 7 years that Alexa has attempted to design and update a web page (Blogspot blogs are way easier, btw)!  It’s not quite as hard as it seems it would be…just takes a lot of patience and time!
• A Kentucky gal born and raised, Alexa ventured west to Fresno, CA (home to raisins, U-turns, and Starbucks on every corner) and lives with her black cat Pixie.

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