5 yarn wrapped letter & word ideas

Yarn art words and letters are some of the prettiest DIYs out there these days.  There’s just something about the handspun feel and personalization that is so warm and inviting. I know I would love to get one as a gift!   I scoured the net looking for some really great examples to share with you.  I think you’ll agree, these versions are pretty great!

This bold loom word via Loom Rugs was wrapped in a rainbow of colors.  I think this idea is so cool.  I’m sure this piece was a custom created piece (something you couldn’t just buy at the store), but I could see someone cutting the letters from cardboard and doing this same effect. It would look above a bed!

I totallly dig how Let Birdz Fly displayed these letters in this antique frame.  It makes the letters such a statement piece and the colors really pop! The same idea could be executed in a round frame or a modern/linear frame. It would even be fun to mix and match the frames and put a letter in each.

This letter from Lilla A Design appears to have been made from a coat hanger.  I love how playful it is and the pretty beads weaved in.  This would a great project for the whole family!

This little B by Evie S looks so elegant wrapped in white yarn and accented with romantic rosettes. The funny thing is that the letter was cut from a cereal box.  Just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot to get something great!!

This Love wire art by the Family Chic blog was created with reinforced clothespin, yarn and wire clippers, I think this idea would be so pretty for wedding table décor or a whole series of them adding dimension to a wall.  Very pretty.


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