10 DIY Typography Lighting Ideas

If you’re looking for a clever way to incorporate some type into your light fixtures around your home, look no further.  Here’s some really
fun ideas for adding a splash of typography to your décor.  And most you can do on a dime (there’s nothing cooler than that)!

Turn your cans into custom lanterns! I’m not sure that they make soup cans as big as they do as they appeared on the BB Links blog, but a girl can dream.

If you’re a whiz at papercutting, you could try this project on for size like Mr. Yen did on Flickr.

Don’t throw out that old atlas or map, make a pendant lamp!  Paisley Sprouts shows you just how easy it is!

Keep it simple and use your electronic cutter or stickers to accent a shade like this one from Ninja Diva.

Share your innermost thoughts on a lampshade like Very Irie did using a fabric marker!

Monogram a fabric lampshade with vintage letters like this one from Stitchfork Designs.

Upcycle your wine bottles with twinkle lights in this fun tutorial by janinascasa.

This illuminated word canvas by Kate at Design Sponge WOWS me.  This would make such a cool, custom gift to give too!

I have always been in absolute aww of this amazing  letter light DIY on Design Sponge by Chris from Curbly. Maybe one of these days I can make my own! http://www.designsponge.com/2008/12/diy-project-kates-illuminated-canvas.html

Here’s a fun way to enjoy your book long after you’ve finished it from Instructable user fungus amungus.

letter lighting
And here’s a bonus idea (I couldn’t help myself!), make a typography paper lantern with me here on FontCrafts!





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