FontCrafts Exclusive: Mosaic Letter Wall

Wanted to share with you tonight a little home décor artwork I put up in my living room tonight. I created this little font mosaic from $2 tin letters I purchased at Michaels. Last I checked, there were still plenty to choose from at my local Michaels. I didn’t want to spell out anything in particular, I just wanted to make a jumbling of the letters, more concerned with how they laid out in color order.

I’m loving the distressed vibe of the letters. Each letter has its own personality and flavor. And they are very sturdy since they are made of tin! You could easily spell out a phrase if you wanted to or put space in between if you wanted an airier presentation.

I have many more plans to add typographic elements to the room and this is the first of many typography projects I plan to share here on FontCrafts. I can’t promise that all of them will include Dexter, my cat. LOL. He’s just too sweet not to include!


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