5 Fab & Fun Bottlecap Craft Ideas

I simply adore bottlecaps.  I’m not one to drink a lot of bottled beverages, so I don’t have a unique stash of interesting caps myself.  I have always dreamed of having a little collection though!  I can’t think of any better way to display a collection than turning it into a craft!  It makes for an instant showpiece!  Here’s some ideas that might just inspire you to get your bottlecap craft on!

Bottlecap table from Melissa Stover on Picasa. Don’t you just love how they are organically arranged?  The colors have a nice flow too!

A cool bottlecap windchime from Flickr user Pianista.9.  Hmm, I wonder what their chime is like?  The arrangement is beautiful music for my eyes. Haha!

These quick and easy bottlecap magnets from Better Homes and Gardens always look great! Would be a super great gift idea on a budget!

You can’t go wrong with a sassy pair of bottle cap earrings!  I like the styling of these by Amy Cluck for A Beautiful Mess.

And I’m loving this mod mirror created with recycled bottlecaps.  Adds a vintage vibe to any space!

What’s your favorite of these crafts featured?


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